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Options for Remote Readouts :



$395 each  order with your (3)  smart bases and get a $95.00 discount.

Our standard remote readout features a single external rechargeable battery. This battery can be recharged in 10 to 12 hours.  The battery recharges from the one A/C adapter, or the 3 scales can run from the A/C with or without the battery.  This Box contains 3 stand-alone scales.  All calibration is stored inside this protected case.  The base units contain the load cell only and are therefore very rugged and ship very well.

The Unit is not intended to be taken apart and does not lend itself to a fourth scale.

Pictured is the optional White Finish, or you can purchase our Standard Brushed Aluminum Finish.

(479) 751-7225

The above unit is included with your purchase of three Remote bases.

Below you will see our new Smart Remotes.

These units are optional purchases.  They only work with our SMART Bases.  Read data from up to 3 smart scales.

They contain no calibration data, and therefore would not need to be returned during routine Annual Calibration. 

They add features to your smart bases that otherwise would never be seen. 

 The Nanook Case provides superior Protection.  A/C adapter to power up the scales is included.

All remotes on this page are covered by our limited 12 month warranty.


Order at same time as you purchase 3 Smart Bases and receive a $95 discount.  Works with smart bases with built-in displays, or smart bases with out built-in displays. Smaller Case protects your displays even better.

$ 595 each for 3 scale Indicator with Nanuuk Case 


$695 for smart Case with 4 displays.

Order it with your smart Bases and receive a $95 discount.