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Mike Pruett was co-founder of Weigh-Systems in 1980, and is a pilot.

In 1981 Sheena & Mike bought the entire organization and have ran it ever since.  We distributed scales made by others for 30 plus years, and have been producing our  own scales for over 15 years.  We have two children, and three grand-children.  Thank-You for visiting our website.


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The research and development we have been working on for the past 12 months is nearly completed.  Our new electronics will make many new things possible.  Calibration is a marriage between one load cell and one PCB.  We are now making that marriage portable.  8 bolts hold the load cell to the cast aluminum frame.  4 bolts hold the Stainless Steel encased PCB.  If you remove these two items, we can install them into an identical frame at our shop, and adjust the calibration as needed.  We can then renew your certification papers.  No more need to ship the entire scale back to our offices.

There are several other new features, developed to address the customer requests that we have received over the last 16 plus years.  

The model 211 scales use a sealed lead acid battery.  This battery needs to be recharged regularly to avoid damage.  Customers tell us they prefer to eliminate as many maintenance requirements as possible.  We therefore are now using A/C only or disposable batteries that you can buy everywhere.

Many of our friends were fearful of rolling a tire into the display opening, many have given up the convenience of a built-in display and have opted to have the electronics housed in a separate case.  We addressed that concern by making the built-in display so small that it is nearly tire proof.  We also offer a separate case as an option, but this is no regular remote readout.  Our new scale offers a smart remote digital read out.  This unit displays the digital information that is being sent from the smart base.  The same smart remote digital readout will work with any of our smart bases.  There is no longer a color coded wire that has to be observed to prevent bad calibration.  You can even mix capacities.

You can buy a smart base this year, and add a smart remote digital readout at some future date.  The remote simply adds to what the smart base can do on its own.  The smart remote digital readout will even supply power for up to 4 smart bases.  The case is large enough to allow the addition of a 4th readout too.

If you rely on reading the display on each platform, you may run into problems sometime with floats or over size tires.  The smart remote digital readout always displays exactly the same as its built-in counterpart.  You can even order the smart base without a built-in display, and always rely on the remote display.  The smart remote digital readout has no calibration to it, and will therefore not have to be shipped back once per year for calibration.

If you follow the recommended annual calibration interval, you can save enough money during the next few years to equal as much savings as the cost of the scales.

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